After quite a bit of work, as of today you can get hwit-core 0.02-r00672 from PyPI.

The code has been stable for a while; what's changed this time is that HWIT is now a set of packages under the one namespace.

What was previously in hwitpqt is now the package hwit-edit 0.01-r00662. All the files which were in the examples directory of hwit are now separately supplied as hwit-examples 0.01-r00018.

All HWIT packages will be numbered this way.

  • The major/minor version gives guidance on maturity and API compatibility.
  • The post-version release number captures the revision number of my bzr branch for each package.

It's been quite a journey to achieve this and I've learned a lot about the most productive ways to use Python packaging technologies. Hopefully I'll have a chance to blog about these in the near future.

We know because we do. We do because we can.