As you know, two years ago I promised that we would be leaving the UI at 11:00pm on the 29th March 2019.

Since then I have been working tirelessly to achieve that and to deliver leaves to the people of Britain.

To begin with, there was no commonly held view on what leaving would mean. And over that time it has become clear that leaving would not be a single event. Rather it is a process which requires continual review, careful attention, and execution of the details every day.

But I am proud to confirm to you now that the initial implementation of leaving has been achieved.

Not only that, but some of the immediate benefits to Carmen with leaving are Rocks, Slabs, and also interior Wattle patterns.

I call upon the people of this country to hold me to account as leaving the UI continues. They can check our continuing progress on the Github repository.

There is much left to do. But with this release we have taken a confident and sensible step towards a Bracken we can all believe in.

We know because we do. We do because we can.