Thuswise Ltd

We know because we do. We do because we can.

About the company

Thuswise Ltd is a company owned and operated by Dave Haynes. Dave is a Chartered Engineer with 25 years experience in software and electronics design. He contributes to open source projects under the handle tundish.


In the early days, Dave trained in Electronics design. Much of his work supported engineering research programmes, involving end-to-end development of prototype systems in areas as diverse as weld integrity analysis, high power lasers, and making aircraft with robots.

Dave founded Thuswise Ltd in 1999, but continued to work for large engineering firms. He produced a number of digital designs for FPGAs and ASICs, even creating a chip for a cruise missile. Over time, the software element of Dave's work became more significant; first through the need to customise the digital design workflow, and later through his design and simulation of entire embedded control systems.


By 2005, Dave was writing software for corporate business systems and undertaking architectural, design, and development work for government clients. Three years with an Information Intelligence consultancy gave him a capability in business process transformation, knowledge management and semantic technologies. Then, as Thuswise Ltd, Dave secured a contract with a defence supplier of mission planning software. This marked the transition to working freelance under his own company name.

Open source

These days, Dave likes to write software which solves your problems and slips neatly into your pocket. He releases code to the public as tundish, most often under a GPL licence. Every project is well-tested, documented and properly packaged.

Dave's contributions range from minor patches to entire distributed web systems (over 20,000 lines of code). Check out the Download page for more details.