Thuswise Ltd

We know because we do. We do because we can.


Tundish is the author of Here's What I Think, an application which is released under a Free software licence. This forms the basis of Thuswise's offering in the areas of data gathering, cleaning, processing, migration and transformation.


This project shows what we can deliver under very short timescales. It's a log aggregator for a Windows environment. It was written, tested, documented, and packaged in three working days. The client is a systems administration and web operations consultancy. The code for Cybele is on Github.

Schema migration for open-hea

We met these people at the UK Python conference in 2012. They were supporting survey and charity work in developing countries. Their data collection application required a test suite and some architectural decoupling from their live MySQL database.

Thuswise redefined their schema using SQLAlchemy. This allowed unit tests to be created within an in-memory sqlite database, whilst targeting MySQL in production. This is an approach we've found useful several times since.

We even wrote a tool to check that the SQLAlchemy-generated schema was exactly the same as the one they had designed by hand. You can find our contributions to open-hea on Google code.


Recent events have convinced us that understanding of the banking system might be both better and wider than it is. Here is Thuswise Ltd's contribution to that. What we believe is the first publicly available banking ledger to be written in Python.

It can perform currency trades, loan calculations, and economic simulations. We're just itching to put it to work!


We're delighted that a project we undertook for a UK government agency is to be released under an open source licence. It's a web portal front end to a VMware community cloud. It uses all the latest asynchronous features of Python 3 to implement a distributed architecture which should scale properly as this project develops.

We wish it well. You can find the cloudhands repositories here.


This is our most ambitious project yet. An online game and socio-economic simulation. At a very early stage, but we put Turberfield on anyway.