Thuswise Ltd

We know because we do. We do because we can.

We supply software development and electronic design services.

We have products in the niche areas of cloud tooling and information actualisation which we can make available to you on a negotiated basis.

Software development

Thuswise has been programming with Python for many years. This excellent language allows deployment across platforms and has low cost of maintenance. We work with a 'full stack' of technologies.

We've made GUIs in PyQt4 and wxWidgets. Large web applications in Pyramid and small ones in bottle. Database schema design and access with SQLAlchemy.

Asynchronous agent-based programming with asyncio. Remote invocation tooling with execnet. Web API interfacing via aiohttp.

We've used pyglet OpenGL bindings for 3D visualisation, and created wrappers to 3rd-party libraries with pybindgen.

We have history in application development in C++. This includes use of STL and Boost libraries. We have worked with boost::asio and can help you negotiate the learning curve associated with that and other technologies.

We can also code in C. We typically create small object-oriented (PIMPL) libraries which can be loaded as shared objects using Python's ctypes module.

Our strong instinct is for iterative, agile development using open source toolchains. Our projects are fully documented (usually with Sphinx) and professionally packaged for deployment into production.

Cloud tooling

Thuswise has experienced Openstack from the perspective of a public cloud provider. We understand the challenges associated with such a deployment. We have created tooling to monitor data quality in the Nova database, which we can supply with guidance if you're running such an installation.

More recently, we've been coding against the VMware vCloud Director API to create a web portal for a government client's internal cloud. This project is open source and might provide a springboard for your own VMware front end.

In addition, we're well used to creating Python scripts for devops use. We've worked with each of Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Fabric over the last year or two. Our favourite tool in this space however is execnet, and we are pleased to have made some modest code contributions to this useful little library.

Electronic design services

Do you have a large scale chip design or an embedded system to deliver? Thuswise can take part at various stages in your design flow. Here's where we think we can add particular value:

System architecture

We can help you partition your design by producing for you a behavioural simulation of your proposed system. This cross-platform program forms an executable definition. It enables understanding in multi-disciplinary teams and helps inform key design decisions.

Once partitioned, we can formalise your design in Unified Modelling Language (UML) or by producing Interface Control Documents (ICDs).

Design validation

We can create a simulation in Python or behavioural VHDL to generate test vectors and patterns. This can give you independent validation of your design decisions. We can also undertake code reviews.


We have experience in rapid prototyping of systems using development and evaluation boards. We have targeted Actel, Altera and Xilinx FPGAs.

Information actualisation

Information is data in the context of a question. Applying questions to data; that is what we mean by Information Actualisation.

Past work has required us to obtain DV security clearance. As a result we are familiar with document protection and handling protocols.

However, we believe our most interesting proposition is our own program Here's What I Think. It's a piece of software which can help you gather data, review its quality, and migrate in and out of databases. It's intended to facilitate business change or enable ad-hoc processes which require information to be passed around. It's easily configured and can be branded to promote your own corporate offering.

We are keen to work with consultants and early adopters to deploy HWIT wherever it's appropriate. Contact Thuswise to discover how it could start working for your organisation.